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Viken Handheld Imager

Viken Detection develop and market portable imaging and analytical instruments that achieve new benchmarks in cost-effective performance, reliability and ease of operation. Viken customers can be more productive than ever before with ergonomic, easy-to-operate tools that provide accurate, precise, easy-to-use, real-time information.

Viken Detection HBI-120 is a rugged, ergonomic, handheld backscatter x-ray instrument that enables users to quickly and cost-effectively find concealed explosives, narcotics, cash, weapons and listening devices through most materials including steel, concrete, tiles and wood. With steel being the toughest of challenges for the HBI-120, our penetration is still 3.1mm - more than twice the thickness of typical motor-vehicle body panels - with none of the limitations of portable transmission x-ray systems.

Gaining traction worldwide, the HBI-120 is rapidly becoming a go-to tool for government agencies aiming to eliminate material obstructions used to hide contraband and other items for criminal intent.

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